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Navigating Global Investment Opportunities: Avantia's Asset Class Views

January 23rd, 2024

Corner of Wall Street and Main Street

High-Quality Fixed Income – Overweight duration

As expected, the Federal Reserve held rates steady at their meeting last week. Rates currently have a 100% likelihood of staying flat at the January 31st FOMC meeting and a nearly 100% chance of being down by the June 12th FOMC meeting according to the CME's FedWatch tool. This signals a high likelihood that short-term rates will be flat to down over the next six months. As such, longer-duration assets are becoming more attractive. The Fed announced they will likely cut rates three times this year at 1/4% each.

High Yield Fixed Income – Overweight credit

US Equities – Underweight, tilt toward value

International Developed Equities – Overweight, tilt toward Japan

Emerging Markets (EM) – Neutral, underweight China, overweight Korea, Mexico, India


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