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Investment Management

Academic Rigor

As an independent fiduciary, our only compensation is from our clients and their interests come first

Strategic Planning 

Avantia’s wealth planning technology is your personal financial compass. It offers a snapshot of your wealth journey, helping you track progress toward life goals, celebrate achievements, and share information with your family and advisors. Each strategy is custom-made, reflecting your unique priorities and aspirations. It’s more than wealth management; it’s crafting your financial narrative.

Investing journey
Asset Allocation and Plannning

Knowing  where and how to allocate risk to pursue more confident sources of expected returns is central to our approach. We design your plan with a global investment perspective, considering all of your resources, obligations, and priorities. Our asset allocation and Management approach is characterized by a multi-faceted strategy that encompasses several key principles: 

Strategic Risk Deployment: We place a strong emphasis on understanding the strategic allocation of risk to attain the anticipated returns. This involves a meticulous analysis of risk factors and their application in the pursuit of our clients' financial objectives. 

Global Investment Perspective: Our methodology involves crafting financial plans with a global investment outlook. We take into account a comprehensive array of assets, resources, and liabilities, both domestic and international, to ensure a well-rounded approach to wealth management. 

Intergenerational Wealth Optimization: We actively engage in intergenerational wealth management, focusing on enhancing projected tax efficiencies. This includes strategies for wealth transfer that go beyond the financial aspect, also encompassing the transmission of core family values and legacies. 

Manager Selection

Our Manager Selection Process is anchored in our unwavering commitment to impartiality and the pursuit of the most advantageous outcomes for our clients. As an independent financial advisor, we maintain a strict stance of not accepting compensation from any product or provider, ensuring our decisions are solely influenced by the investment's inherent merits. We hold a high degree of confidence in the belief that the reduction of fees, taxes, and transaction costs is the most reliable avenue to augmenting net returns while maintaining a focus on finding managers we believe to have the greatest opportunity to access more confident sources of return. By adhering to these principles, we ensure that our Manager Selection Process is driven by a steadfast dedication to maximizing value and safeguarding our clients' financial well-being. 

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Consolidated Reporting

Understanding True Allocation:

By bringing all your assets together into a single, cohesive report, we enable you to gain a deep understanding of your true allocation. This clarity ensures that you are fully aware of where your wealth is positioned, helping you make strategic decisions and minimize inefficiencies. 

Effective Asset Oversight:

Our consolidated reporting empowers you to maintain vigilant and effective supervision of all assets on your balance sheet. This level of oversight is essential for safeguarding your financial well-being and ensuring that every element of your financial portfolio is optimized. 

Informed Decision-Making:

When contemplating changes or adjustments to your financial strategy, having all your assets in one place equips you with the information needed for well-informed decision-making. It allows you to navigate your financial journey with confidence and precision. 

Safeguarding Assets

At Avantia, we prioritize the security of your assets. We collaborate with the most qualified and largest custodians in the industry to safeguard our client assets and personal information. This ensures your assets are held independently, enhancing security and transparency. Additionally, for families or family offices with multiple custodial relationships, we seamlessly integrate our investment management services with a variety of global custodians and platforms. This flexibility accommodates your specific needs while upholding the highest standards of asset protection.

Robust Communication

At Avantia, we understand the critical role that clear and timely communication plays in the success of financial partnerships. We prioritize transparent and client-centered engagement, ensuring that our clients receive the information they need when they need it. With accessibility and flexibility at the forefront of our approach, we offer a variety of communication channels to accommodate individual preferences. Our commitment to robust communication is a testament to our dedication to building strong and enduring relationships with our clients, where their voices are valued and heard. 

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