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Family hiking in the mountains

Family Culture & Learning

Thoughtful Listening

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Family Vision, Values, and Purpose 


What is the vision of the future state of the world that your family shares? Do you talk about it? How is your family going to move forward toward realizing this vision? What are the values that will guide your family now and, in the future, to not only accomplish your mission but do so in a way that reflects your guiding principles 

Family Table
Family Hike
Family Meetings & Governance 


How will you report back to your family on the major items that needed to be accomplished each year? How do you reinforce the connectivity of the family and handle areas of potential conflict and build the team? 

Lifelong Learning 


What are the concepts that need to be taught to the family and what does each family member need? Often children need an education on how to handle wealth and carry themselves in a public setting both from a protection and a socially acceptable perspective. Whereas young adults may need more education on financial stewardship of charitable funds, and how to have an impact in ways other than financial commitment.  

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