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Keaton Layman

Client Advisor

Keaton Layman is a financial professional with a passion for adventure and precision. Based in Seattle, he's become a trusted advisor over the past three years, working closely with High and Ultra High Net Worth clients. His expertise lies in liability-driven investing, a skill set that has solidified his reputation as a thought leader in financial planning.


A graduate of the University of Washington Foster School of Business, Keaton's academic foundation is as strong as his dedication to his clients. He pairs his financial acumen with an unyielding commitment to their success. When he's not strategizing for his clients' financial futures, you'll find Keaton on his 24-foot sailboat, embracing the call of the sea.


Beyond his professional pursuits, Keaton finds solace in skiing the slopes of Sun Valley and exploring new destinations with his girlfriend and friends. This balance between the fast-paced financial world and his love for adventure defines Keaton's dynamic approach to life.

Keaton Layman Avantia
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