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At Avantia, we help our clients integrate Estate Planning, Wealth Management,  Taxes, Philanthropy, and Trusts with their entire portfolio in mind. Doing this takes an extensive network of professionals that we will coordinate to include legal, tax, and trustee expertise.


We work alongside your estate planning attorney to ensure your needs are articulated and that your documents are kept up to date. We understand the fact patterns that may suggest any number of structures should be considered with your legal counsel. We have experience working with a wide range of estate structures and we can identify when it's the right time to engage with qualified counsel.

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We work with your tax accountant to ensure they get the information needed to be proactive in tax planning. We work with them to give you comprehensive advice on what action to take well before years end, to help produce better after-tax outcomes. This saves you time and money.


Choosing a trustee for your trusts is often overlooked. The question of whether to select an individual (such as a family member) or a corporate trustee is one that must be approached thoughtfully. We can help you consider this decision. In those situations where a corporate trustee is appropriate, we can help identify and understand the differences between the different trustee options.

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