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Top Fiduciary Financial Advisor in the Seattle and Bellevue Area

With the current condition of the stock market and the economy as a whole, it may seem difficult to navigate these trying times from a financial standpoint. Working with someone who is an expert in the field of banking and finance can help you or your business take the next step in finding the right path for you and your money. Here at Avantia, we are a financial advisor in Seattle and Bellevue that is dedicated to making sure your financial goals are met. We provide a holistic approach to our clients, which includes an overall look at what your goals both professionally and personally are and using those goals to then back track and come up with a plan on how to reach them. We understand that every client is different, and their plan should be crafted accordingly.

As a fiduciary financial analyst, we are able to ensure to our clients that we are working solely on their behalf and for their benefit. In essence, a fiduciary analyst has to legally take responsibility to put the interests of our clients before our own. This is what separates us from the rest. With a fiduciary advisor, you can know that your assets are being taken care of with the utmost diligence, as an active portfolio manager is checking every day to make sure that the investing strategy chosen for you is the best fit for your goals. As a fiduciary advisor, we have fewer conflicts of interests with both our clients and our investments, and we are required to disclose any of those interests to you, in order to make sure that you know the brains being put behind your money.

The Avantia team has been built with some of the top financial advisors in the area. We understand the importance of choosing an investing strategy that fits the needs and goals of each individual client. For example, for younger clients who may have larger financial responsibilities at their age, such as college debt, children, marriage, mortgages, or even car payments, should be using a more modest yet trustworthy investment process. This includes less risky, and more stable investments that allow for a reliable income from each investment tool. On the other hand, if an older client with less financial responsibility is looking to start a new business, create a trust fund, or simply find more money for travel, their best bet could be to take a more aggressive strategy, with the possibility of higher returns. Both of these outlooks show the best results when under the scrutiny of top financial advisors with the experience needed to understand market trends.

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