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Family Office and Multi-Family Office in The Seattle Area

Avantia Wealth Advisors are a family office. As a family office, we provide our services to the ultra-high net worth investors. This is one of the many facets of our firm that separates us from other wealth management offices. Instead of simply looking at your finances, we take a look at the entire picture. We take taxes into account, which requires us to put your money in the right place. We provide budgeting strategies in order to make sure you reach your lifestyle goals without breaking the bank. We even give advisory services when it comes to providing charitable donations and philanthropic giving. We are here to offer you a total suite of financial services, including non-financial issues such as school, travel expenses, and other miscellaneous activities.

Avantia is also a multi-family office, which overlooks the finances and budgeting of multiple ultra-high net worth families. The reason this separates us from others is that we are able to provide more than just investing advice. We provide consulship on taxes and estate planning, we provide risk management and financial counsel as a fiduciary financial analyst, offer our services to your trusts as a trusteeship, and even provide lifestyle coaching and philanthropic management with your donations. We are a startup of a team of advisors, and we know that our expertise will help you and your family meet all of your financial and lifestyle goals.

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