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Family Office and Multi-Family Office in The Seattle Area

Welcome to Avantia, a distinguished family office dedicated to serving ultra-high net worth investors. Our unique approach sets us apart from traditional wealth management firms. We don’t just focus on your finances; we consider the whole picture. Our comprehensive services include tax planning, ensuring your wealth is strategically placed for maximum benefit. We devise budgeting strategies to help you achieve your lifestyle aspirations without financial strain. Additionally, we offer advisory services for charitable contributions and philanthropic endeavors. Our aim is to provide a complete range of financial services, extending to non-financial matters such as education, travel expenses, and other miscellaneous activities.

Avantia also functions as a multi-family office, managing the finances and budgets of several ultra-high net worth families. This multi-faceted role allows us to offer more than just investment advice. We provide counsel on tax and estate planning, risk management, and financial guidance as a fiduciary financial analyst. We extend our services to your trusts as a trusteeship, and offer lifestyle coaching and philanthropic management. As a team of expert advisors, we are confident in our ability to help you and your family achieve all your financial and lifestyle goals.

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