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Enhance the financial well-being of our clients and our communities.

To accomplish this we advise individuals, families, and institutions on all items of economic impact to their balance sheets.

We start with a clear understanding of your goals and objectives and then leverage our thoughtful financial planning resources to build a plan that is custom tailored to you and incorporates all of your current assets and any future assets or liabilities of which we are aware (e.g., a future inheritance, your social security benefits, gifts you might make in the future, your potential estate taxes).

Next, we implement this plan through what we believe to be a best-in-class investment platform that is thoroughly integrated with important aspects of your tax, trusts, estate, philanthropic, liabilities, and cashflow needs as well as other aspect of your unique circumstances.

This is all brought together and showcased for you through excellent reporting technology that allows you to see your entire financial situation in one easy to understand report, along with sharp portfolio analytics and actionable steps we can take together to better ensure the success of your plan.

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Avantia seeks to create a world in which the financial lives of others are enhanced. We foster an improved level of understanding, allowing financial decisions to be made with confidence and ease.

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We strive to best serve our clients in a complex and ever-changing environment. Through a culture that is inclusive, honest, open, and constantly improving; we do what our clients would do if they were experts in, passionate about, and had the time to do what we do.

Client Delight

Operational Excellence

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Academically Rigorous

Innovate & Thrive

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Founder and CEO

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Client Advisory Associate

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